Sunday, December 2, 2007


An update after a loooooooooong time. Reasons for delay -"Busy with work" (Never), "Half-hearted attempts" (Occasionally), "Lack of ideas" (could be), "Procrastination" (bingo!). But all's well that end's well. Some interesting things have happened in my life (at last). So let me begin this update with a bang!.

They say misfortune never comes alone. But seems fortune too follows the similar path.

1.Finally I got a gal. The engagement happened with much fanfare at a small but
cosy Mandapam on Nov 11,2007. The marriage has been scheduled on Jan 27,2008 at
Trichy. Invitation shall reach your homes, inbox etc by Dec end. Thus ends the
illustrious tenure of India's most eligible bachelor of the 21st century
(seri,seri, please stop the applause. Let me continue). Pics uploaded to my orkut
profile. BTW her name is Shreevidhya.

Its always a pleasure seeing relatives, friends and well-wishers take part in an important event in your life and wish you the very best. I was touched and humbled by the response. Moments like these make life meaningful. The function shall remain etched in my memory forever!

2. Also found a new employer. Joined Data Patterns, a defence and aerospace
electonics player based in Chennai as Senior Research Analyst (boy doesn't that
sound pompous). A highly respected albeit little known company, whose name will
spread to every corner of the globe because of a new acquisition they made
recently ( hi hi, you know what). Left Fenner after four and half years of
service bidding farewell to an organisation which gave me so much. (About that in
my next blog update)

3. Started doing certain things after a long time. Practicing mridangam, refreshing
!!) my woefully inadequate electronics knowledge, kids in the new company are
too good. Kinda catching up.

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